Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And We're Back...Sort Of

You might have noticed that I have not blogged about the gym in a while. A long while. Well, that's because it has been a long while since I've been...sort of.

Just before Josh left for New Orleans I was a gym rock star. I was running longer and faster than ever before. Every time I was on the treadmill I was breaking my own person records left and right. Add that running to being a constant fixture in multiple spinning and zumba classes throughout the week and I had a pretty nice routine.

I was also feeling better and stronger than I had been in a long time. Josh was right by my side through all of it and he too was feeling great. We were both on our game and very, very happy. And then, our peak was over and we entered the valley. Since the end of March we have been off our routine. Josh was away, then home for a few days and then away again. I was filling my nights with dinners and drinks with friends. We had Passover, a family Bar Mitzvah, 2 visits to Albany, a wedding shower, plans with friends, too many nights working late, and countless other things. We did get a few work outs in, but nothing like we were used to. When life gets busy, the gym is the first thing to go.

In an effort to get back on track, Josh and I planned a serious, but not too strenuous, first run back. Boy was that a mistake. I started off way too fast and ran out of steam quickly. Then I landed funny on the sidewalk and hurt the bottom of my foot in a way that I still can't explain how. And as if that were not enough, I had trouble breathing the entire time thanks to the pollen and had to walk a ton. YIKES!

Good thing I'm still motivated and willing to push through. Hopefully there will be a lot more exercise posts in the near future because I need to get back on the wagon.

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