Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Adventures Are Fun

Last night around 7 my cell phone rang. I picked it up to find Emily on the other end asking if I wanted to go to Whole Foods for a minute. I said, sure, and away we went.

Maybe some background is necessary. On Sunday Emily and I had the most interesting snack at her parents' house. It was a cross between a pop chip and a rice cake, only much better than both. We knew they were from Whole Foods and since Emily was driving by my house, she thought she would invite me to go get some with her. 

We went to 2 Whole Foods near my house, but could not find these allusive chips. Finally we drove to the largest store in the area. After 3 stores, a gas pit stop, and a ton of gossiping, Emily and I found our Coco Pop Cakes

The machine where they make this treat.
So cool!
After eating them with both peanut butter and cheese (separately of course) we confirmed that it was well worth the drive. Sure, it might sound a bit silly to drive all over creation looking for pop cakes, but they are really good. And really, what could be silly about spontaneously going on a random adventure with one of your favorite girl friends? 

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  1. Sooo good!!! Best with peanut butter (chunky skippy for me), but laughing cow spreadable cheese makes a close second for those, like us, that can't have peanut butter at work!! They make a great snack and breakfast!! So worth the drive!