Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Top Ten: iPhone Edition

In the short period of time Josh and I have had our iphones we have quickly become addicted. They follow us everywhere, are a huge part of our every day conversation, and we can hardly believe that we were ever able to live without them. We both love having our email, calendars, and phonebook at our fingertips, carrying our ipods around with us everywhere, having access to every media outlet on the planet, being constantly connected to social media, and being able to play games anywhere, anytime. The iphone is hands down the best modern day least of its kind. Like I said, we are addicted.

We also love, love, love the app store. Of all of the apps that we have downloaded and can't get enough of, below are our individual top ten favorite apps.


  1. Ping!
  3. Ijewels
  4. FoxNews - streaming video
  5. Online Banking
  6. Gas Buddy
  7. Run Keeper
  8. Spark Recipes - healthy recipes
  9. Today Show
  10. Pandora
  1. Words with Friends
  2. Star Walk
  3. Cardstar
  4. Gmaps
  5. Angry Birds
  6. Skee Free
  7. First Class
  8. Meebo
  9. Flixster
  10. Ielements
Is there anything we are missing? What apps can you not live without? 

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