Monday, May 16, 2011

A Crack of the Bat

The season has begun. That's right, I'm talking about Coed Jewish Softball. Yes, you just read that right.

You might be confused that I actually play a team sport. To be honest, I'm kind of surprised myself. Though not nearly as surprised as one of my oldest friends from camp. To quote her: "I still can't believe you are actually playing. I look at you and see that 13 year old girl trying desperately to get out of athletics." 

You see, I'm not really a sports person. In fact, growing up I tried every trick in the book to get out of team sports. I love going to the gym and dancing, but balls and bats near my head...not really my thing. 

However, as I say that, I have survived a few seasons of softball. And I have to say, I'm not as bad I was before. This week I even got a big hit and thankfully made it through the entire game without a single ball coming near me. I call that a successful game,

Oh yeah, and our team won. Not to shabby!

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