Monday, May 2, 2011

What a Weekend

As I write this post I am exhausted and happy. I love weekends like this. So much fun and excitement.

Josh comes from a big family. He has 5 first cousins just on his mom's side. Together they have 12 children. That is a lot of kids, cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and grandparents. This weekend, we all got together to celebrate another Bar Mitzvah. As always, everyone had a blast.

The weekend started off with a fun and casual Friday night dinner at our cousins' house. It was great to have some time to catch up with everyone and for the kids to run around like crazy in the backyard. Saturday morning brought the service. The Bar Mitzvah boy did a phenomenal job. And all of his family who participated (including Josh) were great too. While I haven't known Josh's family as long as he has, I was busting with pride right along with everyone. It is not an easy feat to be a Bar Mitzvah and our cousin did a great job.

After the service and kiddish we had some time to regroup and rest. I, of course, went to work doing some of our cousins' hair and having some serious girl time with Josh's sister. After we were all beautified we went over to the dance party for pictures, and well, dancing. The rest of the night was a crazy dancefest with great food, even better company, and a whirlwind of happiness.

By Sunday morning we were all a little tired, but still excited to be together. After a great brunch it was time to say goodbye. I love how big Josh's family is and how welcoming they are. There is nothing like a huge family reunion to celebrate a wonderful milestone.

Just another 11 months before we get to do all it all again! Hopefully we get to see everyone long before that.

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