Friday, May 6, 2011

A Childhood Favorite

When Josh was out of town last week, I spent some quality time with my parents. After a day of hanging out and doing some work, they made me one of my all time favorite meals, lamb chops!

I have not had lamb chops in forever. I forgot how good they are, how simple they are to make, and how fun they are to eat. I was so excited when my mom said she would make them for me. So lucky! She also taught me how to make them. I love learning how to make my mom's recipes and then being able to bring them home and enjoy them with Josh.

Step 1:
Sprinkle Lawry's on all sides of the lamb chops.
Let the Lawry's sit on the lamb chops for a period of time.

Step 2:
Grill up the lamb chops to your desired taste

Step 3:

Step 4:
Enjoy as a part of a delicious meal.

What favorite childhood recipes do you have? Do you incorporate them into your adult life?


  1. People tend to shy away from Lamb Chops and I'm not sure why - they are delicious! Nice job!

  2. Lawry's reminds me of my childhood...I need to try it on grilled meats again...simple and delicious :)

  3. Thanks @Sarah, I couldn't agree more

    @Lizzy you should!!! It is the perfect way to make an easy meal