Friday, October 15, 2010

1 Week and 3 Loves

I have been at my new job for just one week and I already have 3 new loves.

First and foremost, I love my new commute. I mean I love, love, love it! There is no question that I won the commuting lottery. At 8:30 am I can grab my bag and coffee, hop in my car, and hit the road. By 9 am sharp I can make my way through town, drive past security, navigate through a sea of students heading to class, turn on my computer (with 2 screens!), and be ready to tackle the day. I love it! After years of commuting and dealing with public transportation, my ride to work is cake!

Second, I love where I am working. The atmosphere both in my office and throughout the campus is just exciting. Sure, I get lost a few times a day, can't remember anyone's name and/or their job description, have not yet been mistaken for a student, do not exist anywhere in any of the school's databases because of my name change from when I was a student to now that I am an employee (a story for another day), but I already love working on a college campus. I love how nice everyone is, how devoted to their jobs they are, and how engaged the students are. Most of all I love experiencing the energy that makes college so alive. Every day feels so full of promise.

Third, I love my new routine. I love being the last one out of the house and the first one home. I love that I can still run with Josh in the morning without having to shower and get ready at the gym. I love my lazy mornings after the gym where I have ample time to shower, pick a cute outfit, accessorize, and put on makeup before eating breakfast and heading in. Having all of that time to get ready just makes me happy. On the flip side, I love being home just a few minutes after I leave work. I love being home with plenty of time to make dinner and clean up, all before Josh comes home (well that part might get old since I don't love to make dinner and am not the best at it, but I like the idea of it). And most of all, I love having more time to hang out with Josh at night and I don't need to rush to bed early now that mornings are so easy.

If I already love these 3 new things about my job and my routine, I can't wait to see what else I love about my new life as the weeks go on!

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