Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hells Angels

The other afternoon, Josh and I had a bad a run in with some Hells Angels wannabes. I swear these things only happen to us!

After being tailgated by 2 motorcycles for a few miles, Josh gently tapped his breaks to send a message. Though I adamantly did not think this was the smartest safest best method, Josh swore by it. He claimed that was what his dad taught him to do when someone tailgated. I was taught to move over a lane when it was safe to avoid an accident. Apparently, the motorcyclist was on my side when it came to tapping breaks. Of course instead of gently stating his opinion on the matter like I did, he took the whole situation to the extreme. He decided to seek retribution right away, with the help of his trusty sidekick.

First, the sidekick ran his motorcycle up on my side of the car, in between the left and middle lanes. He was way too close for comfort. Next, the main man passed Josh on the left side, between our car and the Jersey barriers in the left hand lane. I had never seen anything like it, and although he tried to play it cool, I think Josh was a little nervous too. Finally, the main motorcyclist flew in front of our car and passed into the center lane. Out of annoyance, nerves, and just plain irritation, Josh MIGHT have told the dudes on bikes how felt using sign language. Let's just say, they did NOT take this well.

In a fit of rage, the main motorcyclist bent over, reached into the back of his pants and pulled out a plumber's wrench...I repeat a WRENCH!

The motorcyclist started waving the wrench at us, simulated him hitting our car, specifically on my the passenger side. Then he tried to bait Josh, who had slowed way down, to come up next to his bike so he could hit our car more easily. As always, Josh was the epitome of calm and just slowed the car down, changed lanes, and let the crazy bikers go on their merry way.

The entire scene happened in less than 1 minute but it was TERRIFYING. Many things went through my mind in that 1 minute. I have never in my life seen anything like that before. Who carries a wrench in their pants? How is that comfortable? I have never been so happy to see a wrench fly out a man's pants rather than a gun. It was absolutely out of control.

Although Josh handled the situation perfectly and was calm, cool, and collected most of the time (compared to my hysteria), he was just sick of tired of people trying to pick fights with him. Considering he is the most patient, kind, and understanding person in the world, it is pretty unbelievable that so many people are always trying to bait him. I have complete faith in his ability to handle anything, but a tiny part of me worries about the time when someone pushes him way too far. Good thing we aren't there yet!

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