Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Since Hurricane Katrina, Josh has been committed to rebuilding New Orleans. After a personal trip right after the flooding receded, he has brought students from his school down on a community service experience every March. While there, Josh and the students meet with community members, learn about the destruction, and help to re-build homes and community centers for those who need it most. Anyone who has ever gone on a trip with Josh will attest that it is an incredibly moving, heartbreaking, and hope creating experience that they can not wait to experience again.

When in New Orleans, Josh and his group work with the St. Bernard Project and
The mission of the St. Bernard Project is to create housing opportunities so that Hurricane Katrina survivors can return to their homes and communities. The St. Bernard Project, a nonprofit, community-based organization carries out its mission through three primary programs: Rebuilding Program, Center for Wellness and Mental Health and Opportunity Housing Program. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization teaching home rebuilding to volunteers and community residents; facilitating access to social services; working with youth; and experimenting with models of sustainable economic development in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, LA.

Both organizations work hard to help the people of New Orleans return to their homes and empower them to take back their city. They rely on donations and volunteers to fulfill their missions and have been recognized by local and national foundations alike.

This month, has been nominated for a Pepsi Refresh grant worth over $250,000. In order to win this money, and then help many in New Orleans, they need people to vote for them. Below is the email sent out and directions on how to vote. This really is an amazing organization that is close to our hearts. Please consider helping them out by voting.
Dear friends,'s $250,000 grant proposal has been selected by the Pepsi Refresh program for this month's round.  In order for us to receive the grant, people must log onto the website below and vote for our proposal.  It only takes a minute and you can vote every day for the month of October.  Please take the time to do this, and remind yourself to do it every day!  Also, please share this with everyone you know.  We have only been able to do the work we've done in the last three years thanks to the support of people just like you - volunteers, donors, neighborhood residents, our community partners - so please help us continue the work we've started by voting!

Thank you all,

Rick Prose
executive director

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