Monday, October 11, 2010

Mini Vacation

Every once and a while a mini vacation, or stay-cation, is necessary.

After leaving one job and before starting another, taking a few days to regroup, catch up on life, and get organized was necessary. I was lucky enough to have an extra long weekend to clear my head.

During my 5 day weekend I:
  1. Cleaned and organized my house, work bag, and life
  2. Did a ton of laundry
  3. Ran...a lot
  4. Bought some new work clothes
  5. Bought a new dinning room set with Josh
  6. Spent a TON of time with my parents
  7. Saw my Aunt and Uncle
  8. Shared a hilarious childhood video with Josh 
  9. Caught up on the DVR
  10. Slept
It may not have been the most glamorous vacation, but it was well needed. I am now excited and ready for my new endeavor tomorrow!

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