Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello New Friend

Since Josh and I bought our house we have been busy decorating. It has been fun going to different stores to see what was out there and learn about one another's taste.

We started with the first floor. Our house was set up with a living room, dinning room, kitchen, bathroom, and one bedroom on the main level, and 2 bedrooms and bathroom on the second floor. While our bedroom furniture was still a little mismatched from before we met, we decided to focus our decorating efforts on the main floor where the majority of our entertaining was done. Bedrooms and basements could wait.

Our living room and office furniture was moved into the bedroom on the first floor creating a den and a place for guests to stay. Rearranging the furniture in that room made our old stuff look new again. We then decided our first priority was buying new living room furniture. We found a great couch and love seat set from Jordan's with a matching coffee table and end tables. Of course we could not pass up replacing our TV with a much bigger and flatter one (all the better to watch our million sports games on.) We also purchased a great TV stand and bookshelf from Crate and Barrel that looked perfect in the room. At that point we had no real intention of rushing into much else. With our living room and kitchen pretty decked out (the kitchen came re-done) we were going to focus on other things, like settling in and living life.

Of course Josh and I were never ones to be happy with the status quo. We always wanted to move on to bigger and better. So a few weeks ago we started looking for a dinning room table. We found a great one at Boston Interiors and could not wait to set it up. Luckily, our new table, chairs, and sideboard all come this weekend. We now have everything pretty set up on the first floor and we could not be happier.

It's funny how a new piece of furniture can make us feel so grown up! Check out our new set up.

View from our new dinning room into our living room.
It's amazing how we were able to find matching pieces from 3 different stores.

Our new table is awesome! It has a leaf for those big dinners and the detail is simple, yet elegant. 

The chairs not only look great but are comfy too!

Home sweet home to our china! The sideboard, with its interior wine rack is our favorite part.

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