Friday, October 22, 2010

Shape-Up Weeks

I am a HUGE Allison Sweeney fan. For those of you who do not know her, she is the host of the Biggest Loser and plays Sami Brady on Days of Our Lives (I am a not so closeted fan of Days!). She also is an author and mommy blogger.

What I like best about Ali's blog is that it is about more than just parenting (because clearly I do not need parenting advice just yet). She talks a lot about food, health, fitness, and lifestyle. Recently she has written posts about hair and makeup tricks, recipes, and my personal favorite, behind the scenes moments of Days. I am totally addicted to her blog. Her topics resonate with me so much because she has been able to strike the perfect balance of what I am aiming to do; talk about her interests, her career, her family, and everything fun/funny that happens along the way.

Last week she had a post about what she calls Shape-Up Weeks.
I wrote a whole chapter in The Mommy Diet about what I call “shape-up weeks.” These are the times when I buckle down (as my dad would say), exercise pretty intensely every single day, and work myself even harder than I usually do. Even if you have a great and consistent workout routine, I suggest throwing in a more intense “shape-up week” several times a year!
I LOVE this idea. Josh, are you ready? Shape-up week starts on Monday!

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