Monday, October 18, 2010

Quiet Friday

This Friday night, Josh and I were on our own. Although we love spending Shabbat with our friends, sometimes a quiet night with just the two of us is nice. More importantly, it gives us time to be together and figure out which traditions we want to continue in our home.

With Josh home from school early, and my new short commute, we had some time to hang out before dinner and plan our meal more carefully. We decided to light candles when the sun went down and then went about cooking. We also decided to set up the dinning room as if we were having guests. It was our last night with our table (TEASER) and using it properly seemed right.

Then we finished cooking a delicious dinner of chicken for Josh and tofu for me. We had roasted potatoes and broccoli (not pictured) as well. It was delicious. 

Over dinner we talked about many things including which traditions we like best and what tunes we are comfortable with. It was a really nice night and a great way to say goodbye to our dinning room set that has served us well for so long.

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