Friday, October 1, 2010

All American Handyman

This summer, HGTV held a contest called All American Handyman. Every week contestants competed to win the coveted title. As good as the contestants were they didn't have anything on Josh.

Last month, Josh rebuilt the bottom stair in our basement. Yesterday, he played electrician, painter, and all around contractor by replacing our thermostats. He did a great job if you ask me.

Step 1: Pull out all of the tools needed to complete the project.

Step 2: Mess around with wires and don't electrocute yourself.
(then paint the wall to cover over the Barney Purple that was hiding there) 

Step 3: Install the base of the thermostat and connect the wires. 

Step 4: Add on the face plate and check to make sure it works properly.

Step 5: Put tools back in back.
Step 6: Put bag away.

While there was nothing wrong with our old thermostats, the new ones are much more accurate and have programmable settings. This means that in the winter we can be more green, save money, and warm up the house before I get home. I'm a huge fan!

I'm no Mike Holmes or Scott McGillivray, but if I were handing out titles, I would name Josh THE All American Handyman. Look out we come!

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