Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mike Holmes Aint Got Nothing on Josh

I knew I was married to a handyman, but I had no idea I was married to America's answer to Mike Holmes.

Since before we even bought our house, we noticed that the bottom step down to the basement was loose. It did not seem to sit right with the rest of the staircase and sort of slanted in. The home inspector promised us that it was safe, but I was never really sure. Josh swore he would take a look at it once things settled down and we were completely moved in...famous last words.

A few weeks ago, the bottom step fell apart caved in at an angle. Luckily no one was hurt when it fell. Since then we have had to become nimble enough to jump over it when we go down to the basement. This becomes very challenging when you are holding a basket full of laundry or a box of cleaning supplies.

Finally, yesterday, Josh tackled the bottom step. He is a fantastic handyman, but he does have limitations. He is great about asking for help when he needs it and staying away from dangerous projects, but he is also really talented when it comes to fixing most things around the house. I'm not sure either one of us knew what to expect with this project. It seemed easy enough to rebuild the bottom stair, but it also seemed like the whole thing could backfire and create a bigger mess.

Josh was unbelievable! I wish I had been home to see his work. When he got a crow bar to lifted up the step, he found out why it had caved in. Apparently there was no support system under the wood and nothing to hold the stair up. Josh had to build a new base for the stair and cut new wood for the top. He did a remarkable job and it looks pretty professional to me.

In progress
Finished product! (minus a coat of paint)
It looks AMAZING! Now we just need to find the random blue paint the old owners used to paint the stairs so it doesn't look so out of place. But at least it is safe!

I am so impressed with my very own Mike Holmes.

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