Wednesday, September 29, 2010


In our quest to make the gym a regular part of our lives again, Josh and I have become a bit over zealous. Last week we took Zumba which was a total blast but left us in serious pain. Monday night we took spinning. All I can say is OW!

Josh is a big biker and I love taking gym classes. Any time there is a good beat and a peppy instructor, I'm in. We are both in pretty good shape and thought that taking out first ever spin class would be painful torture nuts fun. Boy, were we right wrong!

While we did have a great time, loved being pushed, and took sweating to a whole new level, we did not learn from the Zumba experience! I will only speak for myself; (though Josh is a little sore today) I am in some serious pain today. I feel like I am carrying around bricks on my legs and just sitting hurts!

Josh and I are very competitive and love pushing ourselves to the limit. You better believe we put the peddle to the metal! We laughed and sang our way through the class. We also enjoyed keeping up with, and surpassing, many of the other spinners. But boy am I paying for it today. At least it's the 'good pain' that comes from having a great workout. Hopefully I can push through for Zumba tonight...and still be walking tomorrow.

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