Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1st Monday Morning

The top 10 ways to know that in our house it was the first Monday morning of the school year:
  1. The sound of the alarm at 5:45am was not welcome.
  2. Despite being very organized, it took twice as long to get out of the house than usual.
  3. The gym was a lot more crowded than usual forcing us to bike instead of run.
  4. Traffic was very bad on the Pike, side streets, and everywhere else. 
  5. The Commuter Rail was late and packed.
  6. Some woman used her big purse to push through the crowd forcing me to trip and whack my knee against the metal armrest on the seat. 
  7. The human traffic added an extra 5 minutes of walking time to my commute.
  8. The line at Dunkin Donuts was around the corner.
  9. Making a Russo's run before work was not effective since apparently they open at 8 and not 7.
  10. The students are all clogging the halls in Josh's school while leaving the Freedom Trail empty for me to get easily into my office.
On another note, Happy Massachusetts Primary Day! Don't forget to vote. Not sure where your polling place is or who is running in your area? Check out the MA Elections Division.

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