Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Musings from the Train

Now that we are officially back in the swing of things, the train is a much more interesting and exciting place.

Yesterday I sat down next to a man in a very nice suit. He was clearly on his way to work and looked more professional than most. He was busy on his phone...or at least I thought he was. At closer look it turns out he was playing chess on his iphone. After making a great move he let out a huge fist pump that would have been right at home on Jersey Shore. It was awesome.

Many BC High kids take the train to school. Generally, they keep to themselves and listen to their ipods or do homework. There is one kid, however, who cracks me up. He definitely thinks that he is Justin and all. Every day you can see the other boys hoping that 'Justin' will sit with them or talk to them. It's pretty fantastic.

On my walk from the train to work I am use to seeing politicians, men selling newspapers, and people handling out free samples. I am not, however, used to seeing a giant, walking, talking salad bowl. Really, there are no words.

My commute cracks me up!


  1. You just want to say... what course through life takes you eventually to being street salad?? I think I dig it! Your posts make me miss Boston and commuting. Well, a little.

  2. Hmmm, not sure how you become the salad, but it definitely was an interesting site to see. I wouldn't miss commuting too much, I only post highlights, not the bad parts, of which there are plenty.