Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's a Dogs Life

Over the weekend, every time we were outside, Josh and I kept seeing a dog in our yard. We do not own a dog, neither do Ralph or Wilson, so we were very confused as to where this dog came from. In 3 months we have never run into a dog on our street unless it was being walked on a leash. Now, all of a sudden, there was a dog taking up residence in our yard.

After spotting the tell tale sign of students in September, old couches, chairs, and trash on the curb, our mystery was solved. The grad students living next to us (on the other side of our house from Wilson) had moved out and a new crop of eager students had moved in...and with them, their dog.

As much as I appreciate that this move must have been hard on the dog, or at least that was what the owners claimed, it was still not ok for the dog to wander in and out of our front and backyard whenever he had to go to the bathroom. Now I don't want to sound like Ralph and start a war with our new neighbors, but the present that was left for us on our lawn by the dog was very unwelcome.

Hopefully the polite conversation Josh had with our new neighbors asking them to keep their dog inside their own fenced in yard will do the trick. If not, for once, I will be grateful to have Ralph on our side. I just can't imagine he would be ok with dogs on our property when he can't stand us driving a car on our driveway.

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