Friday, September 3, 2010


Well folks, it appears there is a Storm Front Comin':

The last time a storm this big came through Massachsuetts I was 9 years old and at camp. When Bob hit the east coast Camp Pembroke was evacuated to Silver Lake Regional High School equipped with snacks, sleeping bags, and the Israeli Scouts. It was a crazy two days where we could see the storm outside the windows, our counselors tried to keep us busy, and our parents were panicking, or so I've been told. When we got back to camp there was some damage, but nothing too least that's how I remember it.

So 20 years later we brace for another big storm. I am grateful to spend this hurricane cosey in my house, far away from the action (at least I hope). But, I have to admit, whenever the weathermen get on TV and talk about 'a storm front coming,' I get a little bit excited and all I can think of is one of my favorite Billy Joel songs of all time...

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