Thursday, September 30, 2010

Playing Hooky

Yesterday Josh and I played hooky. Well, Josh had the day off from school and I scheduled to take the day off months ago, but it felt like playing hooky. And it was a much needed blast!

We started off the morning with beverage and water.

Ready to hit the road.
As always Josh was our fearless driver while I took control of the radio.

Playing it cool with just one hand.

Taking my DJ duties very seriously.

Funny how the radio is always stuck on the country station. Must be a glitch :)
We went out to Natick to do some shopping for a dining room table. Now that we have a real dining room we want something big enough to fit our many friends and family around while still being practical for everyday use. Plus, we want the table to match our living room furniture since the rooms are connected through a large doorway. It is turning into a more complicated process than we expected. It is surprisingly difficult to narrow down our choices and pick the perfect one. Luckily, we have similar taste so agreeing was easy...if we could just find the perfect one.

Jordan's was our first stop of the day, but we didn't see anything we liked or had time for an IMAX.

Boston Interiors was next which always has the best stuff, though we didn't find exactly what we wanted.

We stopped by Bernie and Phyl's because it was on our way to our next stop. Once again, we struck out.
After not choosing anything, we had some lunch and then went on to the Natick Collection for some more shopping. We couldn't go the whole day without buying anything.


The Collection was nice and quiet on a random Wednesday. It made shopping much easier.

While walking through Macy's to get to the Loft I saw and bought the cutest dress for work...on sale! 

And, as always, Loft had a ton of great options, some of which now live in my closet.
Luckily we were more successful at the clothing stores than the furniture ones. I got three new outfits and can't wait to start wearing them! Josh was a really good sport to go shopping with me and get nothing himself. We have a Josh shopping outing planned soon, at REI of course.

It may not have been the most glamorous day off, but it was exactly what I wanted to do. I had a ton of things I needed to get done and having this day was really really great. Spending it with Josh made it so much fun to do errands. Plus, I love days when we just get hang out, do things that need to be done, and have a blast.

Playing hooky once in a while is great!


  1. I thought you were going to go to Newport for the day!!!!

  2. Change of plans...i needed some new clothes :) oh and a table of course. Newport is next up for sure!