Monday, September 27, 2010


I grew up with the New England Patriots. As I mentioned this morning, my dad is a huge Pats fan and he taught me well from a young age.

There isn't a Sunday that I can remember that my dad didn't watch the games. As I got older I watched them with him too. We went to games together all of the time (in warm weather only, he needed other friends for cold games) and had a blast. It was and still is the perfect father/daughter activity. Even when I lived in DC we talked about games and went to them together when I was home. When I moved back, I would go to my parents' house to do laundry, eat dinner, and watch football.

Yesterday, for the first time, I went to Patriots game without my dad. Although Josh was the perfect stand in, it was definitely different. We had a blast, but I missed my dad. Luckily football season is long and there will be a lot more Sundays to hang out with my dad and watch the Patriots. The day wasn't completely devoid of dads though. In a strange twist of fate we actually ran into Josh's dad at the stadium.

Sunday was a great day for football. The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was great, and the boys of Foxboro won. Josh and I had a blast!
Patriot Place, here we come!
View from our seats.
Tedy, my personal favorite player of all time.
Welcome Boys!
A little play action.
Touchdown PATRIOTS! 
The stadium was rocking all day long.
Final Score: Pats 38, Bills 30 (not taken at the end of the game)
Thanks dad! We had a great day :)

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