Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lays Potato Chip Challenge

When Jana and Eddie came to visit Josh and me a few weeks ago, Eddie and Josh had a long conversation about potato chips. Apparently, both of them love chips...a lot. Somehow, during that conversation, it was mentioned that we should do a taste test. What can I say; we are all very random sometimes. Unfortunately, time got away from us and we did not have time. Josh and I being in NY this past weekend gave us the perfect opportunity to have the Lays Potato Chip Challenge.

To prepare for the challenge, Josh and I went out and bought 5 different types of Lay's potato chips.

The official line up
Then we made sure Eddie was in position with his blindfold on.

Eddie was a good sport.
Potato chip #1. What flavor is it?

Will he guess right?
He sure did! But the first one was an easy one.

Sour Cream & Onion
To cleanse his palate.
He needed a little help drinking the water
Chip #2
BBQ. Right on Eddie!
Chips #3, 4, & 5 he got on the money.

Harvest Ranch, Salt and Vinegar, and Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper
Clearly, Eddie is the winner of the Lay's Potato Chip Challenge.

Way to go Eddie! You have the best chip palate of the bunch :)
Too bad he couldn't win the Wii bowling challenge too. That honor went to Jana!

Notice where the girls finished and the boys finished.
Josh and I had a blast with Jana and Eddie. It is too bad they live so far away, because whenever we hang out with them, we always wind up having some sort of silly fun.

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