Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Awkward Run-Ins

Running into students, parents, soccer players, and anyone else affiliated with Josh's school is part of the territory of being married to a teacher. Living in the same community where Josh teaches leads to constantly being stopped by a chorus of 'Mr. Neudel. Hi Mr. Neudel! What are you doing here Mr. Neudel?' While I know that this is par for the course these days, at first it was hard to get use to. I will say that more often than not, running into a student or parent is just a normal part of our everyday life. However, occasionally, Josh and I are left with some pretty hilarious and often very awkward experiences.

On our third date Josh and I went to the Cheesecake Factory. Josh had been at a soccer game earlier in the evening and going someplace close by and casual seemed like the best option. Halfway through dinner a waiter brought us a note. One of Josh's soccer players was at the restaurant and spotted us. She had written 'Mr. Neudel, I hope she is Jewish' on the note and then hid behind a large pole to watch him read it and our reaction to it. Ah high school!

Another time I stopped by the market on my way home from the gym. I had worked out in one of Josh's soccer shirts and didn't think much of it. The entire time I was at the market, a woman I did not know kept looking at me and following me down aisles. I was sort of creeped out and tried not to make eye contact with her. Finally, she came up to me and asked what grade I was in or what year I had graduated. I literally had no idea what she was talking about and walked away. She followed me some more and asked if I knew her daughter who played on 'my' soccer team. Finally it all clicked. I realized she was talking about Josh's school and that I had probably just offended a parent. I then had to explain that no, I did not go to the school and that my fiance was a teacher and coach there. Then I had to call Josh and confess what had just happened, just in case the woman called the school. Ug high school!

The other morning a woman at the gym kept looking at me and Josh. She was super intense and kept getting really close to us to see who we were. Neither one of us was wearing school paraphernalia nor did we have any intention of talking to a stranger at 6am. It would have been less awkward if she had just said hello. We were convinced that she had to be related school somehow. Oh high school!

I have officially embraced being married to a well liked teacher and running into students and parents alike while out and about, but please please please make these awkward run-ins stop!

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