Thursday, September 16, 2010

We Like to Zumba

Post wedding, I have to admit, my gym motivation is nonexistent has gone way down. I guess it was to be expected, but as someone who has been an active gym go-er for over 10 years, this is a little disappointing. Though apparently I’m not disappointed enough to get up at 5:45am consistently. I'm batting about .500 at this point.
So, in an effort to still get my workout in while still sleeping a bit later, I decided to check out the Zumba class at my gym...and drag Josh along too.

I have done Zumba one time before and thought it was a blast. I am very excited that our gym now offers a class in it. Josh has never done it (and probably never wanted to) but he likes to salsa so why not, right? Wrong! The class was SO HARD!
An hour of hip shaking to hot Latin music was a lot harder than sweating to the oldies! We had a blast though and are definitely going to go back next week...if we can walk by then!

1 comment:

  1. Love Zumba! It is soooo fun. that song is great too. I have it on my ipod. I have a whole bunch of ZUmab music that I run to. The place I was going stopped the class, need to find another.