Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How Embarrassing!

Recently, 2 friends of Josh's (and mine now too!) just moved back to the Boston area. It is great to have them back in the mix and getting to know them has been wonderful. But, to be perfectly honest, I do not know them all that well...yet.

Case in point: The other day I was in a huge rush when I was taking the train home. I had my headphones on and my nose in a book, as always. I also kept wishing the train would move faster so I could get home in time to beat our guests to our house. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw someone familiar, but I wasn't sure. I was sitting on a bench with this man and I couldn't get over the fact that he looked like someone I knew. But I was not sure and could not put my finger on it. With all of the people I know from growing up in the area, working in a few different downtown Boston jobs, and the millions of people Josh knows, I have been known to think I know someone when I don't.

I wound up not saying hello to the man sitting next to me and wrote him off as one of those people who looked like someone I might know. When I told Josh about what happened on the train he was horrified. Without even being on the train, he knew exactly who the mystery man was...our friend who had just come back to town. He works in Boston, lives on the same Commuter Rail line as we do, and would also be rushing home from work on Friday before Shabbat. I have to say, although I was a little embarrassed about not recognizing him, I figured it was not a big deal since he did not notice me either.

Leave it to Josh to text our friend's wife to see if, in fact, it was her husband was the mystery man on the train with me. Apparently it was, and he had a similar conversation with his wife when he got home. At least we can both be comforted in the fact that we did recognize one another...and that our spouses somehow think this is horrible. I will, from now on, be sure to look for him on the train to say hi. And hopefully avoid any more embarrassing moments.

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