Tuesday, October 19, 2010

City Living

Despite living just a few miles outside of Boston, Josh and I rarely make our way into town these days. Although I love the city, I grew up here after all, I've never been one to hang out in town on the weekends. For me, the hustle and bustle of the city, the historic sites, and the amazing waterfront are a part of my daily life. Working just steps from Fanueil Hall, the Boston Common, and Harbor takes some of the fun out of doing touristy things on the weekends.

We also use to live in a young and vibrant suburb just steps from Boston. There is always something fun to do in our old neighborhood, so there is often no reason to leave. Now that we are in our new house, we are so busy exploring our surroundings that we do not have time to take advantage of all that Boston has to offer. Sure we have the occasional dinner in the North End or catch a show in the theater district, but mostly we are suburbanites through and through.

However, every once and a while, Josh and I make our way downtown together and have a blast. Getting into town is easier than we think it will be, the event/venue we are going to is better than we remembered it, and we are excited to live in such a great city. Every single time we spend quality time in Boston we regret that we do not do it more often. This is exactly what happened this weekend.

Saturday night was a great night out. With the baby boom going on, everyone being so busy with work, and the flood of Jewish holidays in the fall, we had not had a big night out with many of our close friends in a while. We were definitely due. A few months back, a whole bunch of us decided to get tickets to Rock of Ages . It was a fantastic night. Not only were we with our friends listening and singing along to great music, but the scene of drunk thirty-somethings reliving their youth was totally RAD. The flashlights shaped like lighters were almost as TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS as Constantine. After the show, we went down the street for a drink before calling it night. It was the perfect way to end a great evening.

The following night we decided to head back into Boston. We were having dinner with our friends Matt and Lynn. We hadn't seen them in a while and decided on a whim to head down to Stephanie's on Newbury followed by JP Licks for dessert. Generally we meet them for dinner in our old neighborhood, where they live, so this was a nice treat. Why not live large and have martinis and ice cream on a Sunday night? We had some celebrating to do! As always with them, it was a wonderful night and we can't wait to see them again.

2 big nights out in Boston is a huge change of pace for us, but a welcome one. Sometimes we get so caught up in our little suburbia bubble that we forget what a great city we have in our backyard. I'm not sure we are going to walk the Freedom Trail anytime soon or visit Old Iron Sides, but I hope we continue to make time to hang out in Boston more often. Weekends in the city are so different than work days. There is a vibe that is almost palatable. It reminds me why I fell in love with Boston in the first place.

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