Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Babies Babies Everywhere

We are in the midst of a baby boom. Maybe it is our age, or maybe it is a coincidence, but in the last 2 months or so we have had 3 very close friends have babies and know of at least 8-10 more friends who have new babies at home. Add in all of our friends who are pregnant, have toddlers, and young children...that is a LOT of babies.

Josh and I love kids and can't wait until the day when we have our own, but that day is not now. If there is one thing we have learned from all our new parent friends it is that having a child is not something to take lightly. You need to be very sure you are ready to be a parent and care for a child before your little bundle of joy comes. After hanging out with some new babies this weekend, I would like to add another point to that sage piece of better be in shape!

So, while Josh and I enjoy newlywed life, daydream about our future, and figure out what is in store for us, you can be certain we will be at the gym every day doing more than just sweating to the oldies. Building up our biceps, triceps, and upper body strength begins TODAY! While babies are tiny and cute, they require a lot of carrying, maneuvering, and moving around. I want to make sure we are physically in shape to have a kid by the time we are mentally in shape to have a kid.

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