Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Nights

This summer I have had a surprising treat. Josh's Our cousins are at a summer camp where they post pictures of the kids everyday. We are able to see their daily activities on the fields, in the lake, and with their friends. Following their journey through the pictures their camp posts every day has been a real treat. It is so wonderful to see them all having a blast, enjoying their summer, and making memories that will last a life time. I have to admit, I am jealous that I am not there with them, but getting to share in their experience is pretty special as well. 

It has also made me reminisce about my years at camp. I spent 11 fantastic summers at Camp Pembroke. This time of year my mind begins to wander to Lake Oldham, where the days seemed to last forever and starry nights were filled with the sounds of crickets.

Summer camp is just about the greatest thing on earth. For 8 amazing weeks I lived with my friends, spent all day outside being active, and learned about myself and life all while letting go of my inhibitions and the stresses of everyday life. My summer days and nights were spent making lifelong friends, sharing wonderful experiences, and creating once in a lifetime memories.

I had 11 unforgettable summers playing softball on the athletics field, running around the tennis courts, swimming in the pool and lake, staying up way too late in my bunk, and praying in the pine grove. I also performed in numerous plays, skits, and dance shows, tried my hand at tie dying and friendship bracelet making, and sang songs I still cherish every friday night.

Between color war, socials, swim meets, and trips, summers blew by way too fast. Too soon it was time to leave my special place and go back to reality. Every summer was filled with the same fun and more memories. The minute I got home, I would always immediately start counting down the weeks until the next season started.

I just can't wait for the day when Josh and I get to send our future children to camp.  We both loved our camp experiences and can't wait to pass this tradition on to our kids one day...and hopefully their older cousins will get to be their counselors one day.

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  1. I agree Samantha. I remember camp around this time too and all of our great memories!! They are summers I will always hold close to my heart!