Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dancing Queen

Anyone who knows me knows that above all else, I love to dance. I started taking dance classes when I was 5, though somehow I think I actually started dancing as soon as I could move. I took lessons in everything from tap, to jazz, to lyrical, to pointe. My true love was always ballet. When I hear music, my body just starts moving. (Hence my embarrassing moment on the train yesterday.) I am always most happy when there is music on and I am dancing.

I am so fortunate that I married someone who loves dance as much as I do. Josh was a competitive ballroom dancer in college and although he started dancing a little bit later than I did, he is just as passionate about it. He also shares my habit of dancing wherever and whenever music is playing and is most at peace on the dance floor.

Not only do we both love to dance, we both love to watch dancing. We've seen everything from Alvin Ailey to the So You Think You Can Dance live tour (and of course are avid fans of the show too) and we are as excited watching as 2 kids in a candy store. Being able to share our mutual passion for dance is one of the many things that makes our relationship so special. And it makes date nights full of dinner and dancing so much fun!

There is just one small problem. We do not dance the same style. Make that, we didn't dance the same style. On our second date I started learning how to ballroom dance. Since then we have gone dancing with friends to local clubs, taken a class, and spent hours dancing around the house. Together we found our own style. We may not be featured on SYTYCD any time soon, but we can Hustle with the best of them. For our wedding we decided to pull out all of the stops.

Check out a short clip of our first dance.

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  1. Your first dance was so great! You two are adorable. I too love to dance and find I am often dancing at some odd times. :)