Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday Family

As I mentioned before, Friday nights are a special night in our house. Generally, we spend them with our friends enjoying good food, good conversation, and a few prayers.

This Friday we did something a little different. We went to services in our old neighborhood. The synagogue has been pushing a community service led by young members. Many of our friends are very involved in this service, but we have not been around that often this summer to participate. Finally, we were in town the same night when 2 of our friends were leading services. Always the skeptic, I was shocked by how impressed I was. Our friends did a great job. It was easy to follow along and being there just felt nice.

After services we stayed for the Young Leaders Dinner. Again, I was really glad we did. We wound up sitting with our good friends and met some interesting new people. We also had a chance to catch up with friends we hadn’t seen in a while. It was similar to many of our Friday nights, but with an added level of spirituality.

To make the night even better, I had a pleasant surprise. People were talking about our run-ins with Ralph. I was shocked. I knew our close friends were reading my blog, but I was surprised to hear that other people were reading as well. When I started to tell the story about our driveway drama at dinner, everyone stopped me because they already knew. Very cool!

I’m not sure we will be regular fixtures at KICKS, but I’m glad we went and I’m not opposed to going again. It was a really fun night. What could be better than being involved in the community, spending time with friends, and learning that you have more support than you originally thought?

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