Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Quick Look at the Beginning of Summer

Saturday nights in the summer mean one thing to music, margaritas, dancing, and friends. 

I love live music. I started going to concerts at a young age My first ever was NKOTB, and let me assure you, I jumped up and down and screamed through the entire thing. Though my taste in music has changed from my teeny bopper ways, I still jump with excitement and sing at the top of my lungs. 

This summer, though we have been SUPER busy, Josh and I have made it to a few shows. And had our fair share of margaritas too!

For graduation, Josh took me to see Sugarland. I nearly jumped out of my skin, much like the way I did for New Kids. I love Sugarland, country concerts, and everything that the outdoor summer concert is about. The music, the camaraderie, tailgating, the experience. To me, it is all perfect. Just look at my face.

I could not wait to get in to the venue. I made us get to the show VERY early!
Josh was excited to be there too. And to have his car be used for some down home country tailgating.
I had to have at least 1 margarita :)
And as always, Jennifer and Christian did not disappoint. They rocked the Comcast center with their old school hits, new tunes, covers, and amazing guitar riffs and entertainment. From start to finish the entire night was perfect outdoor summer show...a true Sugarland party.
It isn't summer to me until I've jumped like crazy at an outdoor show. I have been lucky to see many fantastic acts over the years. Now I am excited to always have a date when my favorite artists come to town. These days, I don't even have to convince Josh to come with me. He secretly listens to WKLB in the car...even when I'm not there! 

So far, one of the best parts of being married is sharing. I know that Josh will always be excited to share in the activities and hobbies I love. I am generally excited to share in his interests and hobbies too. (disclosure, I have not embraced hiking and camping the way he has my love of country music and bad reality TV....but I have promised to try both soon!) Knowing that I always have someone to share my country concerts life with, makes every day that much more fun. 

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