Monday, August 30, 2010

Friday Night In

Most Friday nights Josh and I meet up with friends. Either we have people at our house, go to one of our friends' houses for dinner, go to JP, or go to KICKS. It is our nice Friday night tradition that allows us to catch up with friends and relax from the crazy week. It is easily one of our favorite nights of the week.

This past Friday, we decided to take it easy. Life was a little more hectic than normal and nothing sounded better than a quiet night in. After work we relaxed and just took some time for ourselves. Then we had chicken soup, challah, and wine for dinner. A light meal and nice conversation was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Now that Josh is back to school and life is even busier than before, it's nights like these that keep us going. Taking time to just be together is the key to our relationship. Eating a light dinner, chatting, and snuggling on the couch to re-charge our batteries and re-connect is necessary for us. This Friday was the perfect time for us to do that. As an added bonus, we got to eat Josh's delicious homemade chicken soup! (recipe to come)

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