Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Dinner

Traditionally, we eat chicken for dinner on Friday nights. There is something about Shabbat that always inspires us Josh to make chicken. While my struggle with chicken continues, for Friday night dinner I push it aside.

If you are looking for an easy to make Shabbat dinner tonight, try our famous rub chicken. This is one of the few recipes that both Josh and I make. It also is the only dish we make that literally combines my taste and Josh's in the same seasoning. There is something cool about mixing my favorite flavors and his into one delicious meal, especially when that meal is eaten on a Friday night after services.

Here is how we make this simple, but tasty meal...and some tricks we have picked up along the way to make it even easier.

Our choice of seasoning 
Generally when making seasoned chicken we use:
Garlic Powder- Josh
Paprika - Samantha
Lawry's - Josh
Black Pepper - Josh
Onion Powder - Samantha

But really, with this recipe, you can use any amount or type of seasoning to create a great rub. This is literally a fool proof way to spice up chicken. It is just another thing about this meal that is great.

We use organic chicken when making all of our recipes. Not only is better for the environment and more humane for the chicken, I believe that it tastes significantly better.

Wetting the chicken allows the seasoning to stick to the chicken without adding any extra calories. It also helps everything stay together when it is put on the grill. Grilling chicken of any kind, but especially seasoned chicken, brings out the flavor in a bold way. If you don't have a grill, a grill pan will give similar results.

Serving seasoned chicken with Josh's tasty rosemary sweet potatoes and a salad (with soy cheese!) makes the perfect meal that everyone can enjoy.

And of course, never forget dessert!


  1. Looks great and very similar to something I just made! YUM

  2. Looks light and healthy! Those rosemary sweet potatoes sound yummy. And is that chocolate cake? Satisfying!!!