Monday, March 14, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

Of late, our weekends have been pretty quiet. We have spent a lot of time baking, going to the gym, attending services, and hanging out with friends. Because last year was SO crazy, having quiet weekends now and then are a nice change of pace.

This weekend, however, was more like our weekends of old. We ran around a lot, accomplished a ton, and are very tired this Monday morning. While I like lazy quiet weekends too, sometimes adding in a few nutty days helps keep things interesting.

On Friday night Josh and I went to services. We have been going to a temple near our house and enjoying it a lot. Friday was especially interesting because a performer was there, creating an atmosphere of excitement, spirituality, and joy. It was a lovely way to kick off the weekend and we were excited that Emily even joined us for the second half of the service. Saturday morning we woke up early and hit the road. It was Josh's mother's birthday and we met his parents for dinner in Albany. We made great time both there and back on Saturday, and really anytime we can rock out in the car and see the Friendly's sign we are in heaven.


It was nice to spend the afternoon and evening with Josh's parents, but by the time we made it back to Boston it was definitely time for bed. It was a very long, but great day. Sunday was another early morning. We met our friend Rachel for a quick BJ's run (we can't get enough of that store!) and then took on a huge baking project (check back on Friday for details).

Then we did a bunch of stuff around the house, met my parents for dinner, and tried to go to bed early. Jeez, just thinking about our weekend makes me tired! But hey, what are weekends for if not to do all of the fun stuff you can't do during the week?

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