Friday, March 25, 2011

Windows Phone or iPhone...Any Advice?

The day I have been waiting for for months is almost here! I am so excited; I can't wait! My upgrade for my cell phone is about to arrive...FINALLY!!!

For the last year and a half I have been using the blackberry pearl.
It was great for all of my phone and email needs for the first year, but now I want more. I am dying to have access to all kinds of social media and my blog. Plus, I am a total phone talker and can't live without my work and personal email too. I have my eye on 2 phones, but I am not sure which one to choose.

I'm stuck between a windows phone and an iphone.

I am not sure which one to choose. The windows phone seems fancy and new, but I'm a loyal Mac user. They both have so many features and seem to meet all of my social media needs. Are you a windows phone or iphone user? What do you like best/least about your phone? Which one do you suggest?


  1. iPhone! But if you can, wait until June/July when the new release the iPhone 5 comes out. The iPhone 4 had a ton of issues with reception and calls dropping (not because of AT&T service) but bc Apple placed the antennaes in a different place that the iPhone 3, 3G. As a result, when you held the phone, it blocked the signal. They came up with a fix, but it's only a couple more months away. Hold out.

  2. iPhone or Droid. Don't waste your time with Windows. iPhone would make even more sense for you being a Mac user.

  3. Thanks @cecilia, That is a great idea

    @Nat, you always know best!

  4. iPhone! I am on my second one and LOVE it.