Monday, March 21, 2011

Meatless Monday: Nachos

Welcome back to Meatless Monday!

This past week I found out something that blew me away and made me very proud. The university where I work has embraced the idea of Meatless Monday. On a rotating schedule, half of the dining halls on campus are Meatless on Mondays. I still can't believe it. How awesome!

I love that I work in a place that is committed to going green. Every individual office, suite, classroom, and hallway has a recycling bin. If you eat in the dining hall (using real plates) instead of taking out (using paper and plastic) you get a discount on your meal. We constantly get emails about "tricks" for conserving. Over vacations students and staff alike are asked to turn off all electronics and the heat is turned down in buildings that are not being used. Every light switch in the school has a note reminding people to turn them off. Going green is a huge priority for all.

It is a great feeling to work in an environment that shares my values. And now they have embraced Meatless Monday. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job?!?!

Today's Meatless Monday project: Restaurant Style Nachos

Often when Josh and I go out, we are drawn to nachos. Of course we know how bad they are for us, but we can't help it. They are so tasty! Instead of consuming so many unhealthy chips, Josh and I decided to make our own version of nachos. They may not be super healthy, but they are a lot better than most! We skimped on the calories, not on the taste. And, it was really easy!

Lay out some chips on a cookie sheet

Add enough cheese to satisfy you, not so much that it is overwhelming.
Bake at 350 degrees for 5-10 minutes, or until the cheese is completely melted.

Add salsa, a touch a sour cream, and a lot of homemade guac
Enjoy your restaurant style nachos in just 15 minutes. Happy Meatless Monday!


  1. Yum! A dish like this makes going meatless an easy choice, deliciously easy!

  2. Mmm, nachos... The only reason I go to hockey games with the boyfriend. This makes a fine dinner in my book!

  3. I love nachos! Yours look marvelous, but I don't think I could be so restrained with the cheese ;)

  4. @Brooks thanks! going meatless is very easy when you have tasty alternatives

    @Wilde, I hear you on hockey games, the snacks are the best part :)

    @Lizzy, the cheese restraint gets easier with time, though sometimes it is hard!