Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shape Up Again

Back in October I stumbled across the idea of a Shape Up week when reading Alison Sweeney's blog. Basically, for one week you work out harder than usually. It is a great way to add a little something extra to your usual workouts, jump start a different routine, and get your head back in the exercise game.

The shape up week I planned for Josh and I in October was ok, but not as intense as I had wanted. I wound up having to extend it to a second week since the first one was not so great. We did a lot better at the gym during our do-over shape up week, but it was still not what I had hoped for. Although we did not have a textbook shape up week, it did spearhead 5 months of committed gym going for both Josh and I. And for that, I chose to call our first attempt at a shape up week a success.

This week we are taking another stab at a shape up week. And this time I know we will be successful. There have been a lot of changes at our beloved gym in the last few weeks. Many of our friends have moved on to other endeavors while new trainers have come. The class schedule has changed too. While the changes were not dramatic, many of the classes that we love to take are no longer at times when we can attend. Because of this, Josh and I need to re-focus our exercise goals and plans. And what better way to do just that then an intense shape up week.

So far we have taken 2 hour long spin classes, gone for a decent walk around our neighborhood, run for 45 minutes, and taken a 45 minute weight lifting muscle class. And it's only Tuesday! We have plans to go to our favorite Zumba class, go for another run, and take another spin class or two. Not to shabby!

I'm certain that this shape up week will make Alison Sweeney happy and will jump-start our newest work out routine.

How do you handle changes in our your exercise routine?

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