Thursday, March 3, 2011

Product Test

Thursday is product testing day I guess. Last week it was Chobani, this week, plastic wrap.

For years Josh and I have been looking for the perfect plastic wrap. For some reason, we have struck out time and time again. Since we are so into buying in bulk, cooking for dinner and our freezer, and not letting our food spoil, effective plastic warp is an essential kitchen tool. And until now, we did not have a good tool at all.

The first plastic wrap we bought was Glad Cling Wrap

The Glad was fine, but didn't work as well as we wanted. It stuck very well to itself, but not to our bowls (unless they were glass). We found that with our plates, any paper products, or many of our non-glass serving pieces, Glad did not hold up.

The next plastic wrap we tried was Saran Wrap.
We figured thebrand that the product is named after would be the best one to buy. Saran did not live up to our standards. Again it was great for glass and some ceramic, but not everything. It was also hard to get out  It was better than most, but not ideal.

Finally we tried Stretch-Tite. It was as if all of our plastic warp prayers were answered.
Stretch-Tite sticks to everything! It creates a great seal around every bowl, dish, and plate we own. It is easy to use, never gets stuck, and lasts a long time. Since we started using stretch-tite our food has been fresher and lasting longer. We could not be happier with our choice to use stretch-tite.

While I'm at it, I can not say enough good things about Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty aluminum foil.


There is nothing this stuff can't do. If you haven't tried cooking with it or using it to save left overs, you have to. You will not be disappointed.

Are there any every day kitchen items that you have found work better than others?

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