Friday, April 8, 2011

Dipping Shabbat

And today's theme is: Dipping

As you can tell from the previous post, I love to dip my food. There is something about adding sauce to my personal taste that is fun. Plus, any time my meal can be interactive is a good meal. What can I say, I like dinner to be a hands on experience, not just for sustenance.

This Shabbat, Josh agreed to dinner my favorite way...with lots and lots of dipping! Since it is Friday and that generally, at least for us, means chicken, I have been choosing which type of chicken we eat. With my current aversion to chicken, I generally have a better chance of eating my dinner if I picked it out. So tonight, it is all about Samantha.

Josh is going to grill up some chicken pieces (small ones for me) with just a little bit of seasoning.

And I am going to dip to my hearts content. I might even mix and match ketchup, bbq sauce, and hot sauce. Why not? It's all for fun right? And while I am dipping my chicken into a medley of sauces, I'll be dipping challah in my olive oil, salt, and pepper concoction, and possibly even my veggies in some salad dressing.

Hey if we are going to have a dipping Shabbat, I might as well go all the way.

What kinds of foods do you like to dip? What is your favorite dipping sauce?


  1. I love dipping! I think my favorite dipping combo is sweet potato fries with cinnamon marshmallow cream - to. die. for.

  2. @peggy, that sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing, I will try it.