Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hoping for Suggestions

Josh and I take a lot of road trips. Good thing we love them! There is nothing like 2.5 hours of uninterrupted time to hang out, chat, be silly, and of course sing our hearts out.

Our routine is pretty straightforward. We listen to the radio until we lose our favorite stations and then it's time to plug in the ipod. I have a ton of songs on my ipod and a serious number of playlists, but almost always we go to our favorite. We started this playlist when we first started dating and have been adding it every since. It is an eclectic collection of our all time favorite songs in a totally random, but lovable order. But there is one small problem; our go-to play list doesn't have a name. Almost 3 years later we are still using our working title "Is That What We Are Calling It?" It is time to name this playlist once and for all.

That's where you come in. In all of this time together Josh and I have been unable to name this list. We are counting on you to help us. Please take a look at our "Is That What We Are Calling It" mix and give us your suggestion of what we should really call it. Thank you in advance!
  1. I'm Yours- Jason Mraz
  2. Hey Girl- O.A.R.
  3. Three Days- Pat Green
  4. I'll Cover You- Rent
  5. All I Want To Do- Sugarland
  6. Mr. Jones- Counting Crows
  7. I Will Do Anything For Love- Meatloaf
  8. Brian Wilson- Barenaked Ladies
  9. Closer to Fine- Indigo Girls
  10. Love Story- Taylor Swift
  11. Shower The People- James Taylor
  12. Peace Train- Richie Havens
  13. She's From Boston- Kenny Chesney
  14. Round Here- Counting Crows
  15. How Bad Do You Want It- Tim McGraw
  16. Scene's From An Italian Restaurant- Billy Joel
  17. Run-Around- Blues Traveler
  18. Mud On The Tires- Brad Paisley 
  19. Gotta Be- Deseree
  20. Everybody- Keith Urban
Told you it was an eclectic mix! So please, please send me your suggestions. We are sick of calling this fantastic mix "Is That What We Are Calling It?" 

Thank you!


  1. Thought it was a funny/fortunate coincidence that this was on the front page of the day after this post:

  2. me too! great minds think alike