Thursday, April 28, 2011

Food for Thought in New Orleans

I have a secret place in the French Quarter of New Orleans. When everyone else is flocking to get a beignet at Cafe Du Monde, I head to Croissant D'Or Patisserie. 

Sure if a beignet is what you seek, then head to Cafe Du Monde. However, Croissant D'Or is a hidden gem in the city. The authentic French bakery has some of the best food around. Just thinking about their menu has my mouth watering and I can taste the croissant dissolve in my mouth. Words simply can't describe the deliciousness of the food and coffees at this small cafe.

When it is time for lunch or dinner, it is common knowledge that if you go to New Orleans there are certain types of foods you need to try: Gumbo, Jambalaya, Muffuleta, Crawfish, and for the adventurous you can find alligator on a stick (like beef teriyaki) in a flea market in the French Quarter.

Eating authentic Louisiana cuisine is difficult when you keep kosher. Luckily Kosher Cajun is up to the task. Sure, like any good kosher deli, you can get a  sandwich, but why bother when you can try their Jambalaya! This year I put them to the test and gave a helping to a friend from down south. He was blown away with how authentic they were able to get the Jambalaya- it's not an easy task when the main ingredients are sausage and crawfish. So if you are down in the New Orleans area you should definitely check out this family run business.


  1. Ooh! Thanks for all the good tips! I'll put them to use when I head over to New Orleans :-)

  2. @hester, please let me know if you like it!