Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Well Hello There Allergy Season

3 surefire ways to tell that it is allergy season:
  1. We go through tissue boxes faster than an entire elementary school
  2. Sneezing is the hot, new accessory of the season
  3. I am walking around with a black eye...or two
Every year it is the same thing. The weather changes. The snow finally melts. The trees start to bud. I can't breathe. That's right, I am the allergy kid. I really should live in a bubble. No amount of medicine, product, or home remedy can help me. Not only do I have numerous food and pet allergies, but I am allergic to the outdoors. Seriously, trees, grass, flowers, plants...you name it, it makes me sneeze.

With all of the sneezing, congestion, and dripping eyes (attractive right?) the worst part about allergy season is the black eyes. Yes, black eyes. You see every year, just as allergy season starts to creep up on me, I find myself absentmindedly rubbing my eyes. I do it without even noticing it, day and night. Inevitably I wake up one morning with a big, fat black eye... or two. I swear, only I could give myself a black eye! It is totally embarrassing and I really should learn my lesson. But I never do. Instead, I get to walk around, sporting a black eye, trying to explain that I really did inflict this absurdity on myself.

File under: Only Me!

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