Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To Each His/Her Own

When I make myself a tuna sandwich, it is a pretty easy thing. I just take a can of tuna; add a little bit of light mayonnaise and my lunch is ready to go. If I'm feeling really fancy I add cheese and lettuce. It is a simple and easy meal that is totally satisfying.

Josh, on the other hand, takes his tuna sandwich to a whole other level. The care he takes in crafting his perfect tuna filled lunch is as if he were creating art. He mixes, measures, and concocts his ideal sandwich and enjoys putting it together as much he loves eating it.

Hey, I don't get it, but he loves it. Check out all of the ingredients Josh uses just to make a 'simple' tuna sandwich.

How do you eat your tuna?


  1. Oh my! Josh sure does take it to the next level! We actually get one of those HUGE cans of tuna and make a big batch. In it will go mayo, salt/pepper/sugar, and small diced onions. I'll add in some tiny diced celery, too :-) Mmmmmmm!!!!

  2. Oh @Hester that sounds delish! I will have to try it next time I eat tuna. Not sure will waiver from his 'perfect meal.' :)

  3. I could eat either of your concoctions....mmmmmmm.