Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Secrets Revealed

A while back I told you that Josh was the Burger King. And he is. His burgers are to die for, truly fantastic. But his hamburger making ability pales in comparison to his turkey burger making skills.

You doubters out there might be questioning how making a hamburger and a turkey burger are different. All I can say is, they are and trust me. As the girl who is barely eating poultry, I can't get enough of these!

After months of begging, he finally let me share his 'secret recipe' with you. Trust me, if you try these turkey burgers, you will not be disappointed.

The true secret ingredients for Josh's famous turkey burgers are the seasonings. He uses everything! The more he adds, the better they taste. The measurements are fuzzy, but with this combo, you can't go wrong.

1 pound of extra lean ground turkey
Black pepper
Garlic powder 
Onion powder 
Bread crumbs
chopped onion
BBQ sauce

Mix everything together really well.
Do not skimp on the BBQ sauce.
Add breadcrumbs as needed to ensure that the patties will stay together.

Mold the turkey into patties.
We like to make 2 different size patties, Josh size and Samantha size.
Grill to your desired taste.

Add your condiments and enjoy! Just writing this post made me hungry for a turkey burger. Good thing we have leftovers. YUM.

What is your burger making secret?


  1. I'm so happy we can finally grill without wearing parkas! We've never made turkey burgers but your hubby's spiced up version sounds wonderful!

  2. @Lizzy, it is amazing how much better everything seems when the weather gets better.

  3. Gotta love a good burger recipe. Loving that its grilling season again :)

  4. @Evan, us too! Everything is better on the grill.