Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dry Run

Although Josh knows that chicken and turkey are not the same bird and that they do not cook exactly the same way, he decided to make us a whole chicken for dinner this weekend. He thought it would help him practice for Thanksgiving.

He bought a small chicken and seasoned it the same way we had talked about seasoning our turkey on the big day. He also practiced using the meat thermometer, timing the meal, carving, and plating. As the benefactor of the dress rehearsal, I totally endorsed the idea.

Of course on the big day we will be working in tandem, juggling many different dishes, trying to keep the kitchen relatively clean, all the while entertaining our guests, but this trial was a great and delicious idea. Josh made a yummy chicken, we had a great dinner, and both felt a bit more confident about our Thanksgiving hosting duties.

getting to roast a whole chicken

seasoned and ready to go

with potatoes and onions

while testing out our new meat thermometer

check out that deliciousness
master carver at work (he is officially ready for Thanksgiving!)

all cut up! Bring on the Turkey!

final product

Thanks Josh for a yummy pre-Thanksgiving dry run. It was great. All of our guests are in for a real treat in a few days. 

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