Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Talk about adding insult to injury.

I have been having a hard time at the gym lately. My body just does not seem to want to run. No matter how hard I push myself, how many pep talks I hear, and how much I slow my speed down and add in walk breaks, I can't seem to all. I get winded more easily than ever, my ability to push through the pain is almost non-existent, and after running for 2-3 minutes I literally feel like I'm going to be sick or pass out. For the girl who was running a 5K 4-5 days a week before the wedding, this is very frustrating.

I've tried listening to my body and taking a break, I've tried pushing myself harder than before, and I've tried changing my workout. Nothing seems to work. On top a long string of bad workouts, I have been having trouble catching my breath in everyday life. All of a sudden, walking up a large set of stairs is tiring, talking while doing any sort of physical movement is challenging, and there always seems to be tightness in my chest. As a kid who had asthma growing up, this feels different. But it is just as annoying.

I am choosing to blame my current changes in breathing and lack of ability to exercise on allergies. I have horrible allergies to anything and everything that grows outside. Grass, trees, flowers, you name it, it makes me sneeze. I am also allergic to animals, and with the increase of dogs in our social circle, it has become a real challenge. Generally, my allergies hit hard and in the spring, and harder in the fall. But nothing like this. I was fortunate enough to be mostly allergy free this spring (thank goodness, because no one wants to be the bride sneezing down the aisle), but I sure am paying for it this fall. I'm certain it has to do with the increased rain this year, accompanied by a new environment for me, and the added bonus of living near lots of dogs in my neighborhood. But, what a pain.

These days, no matter how much I love working out, running, and being at the gym, I hate it. It is a real struggle to get through any workout and very disheartening to be forced to cut my productivity down so much after working so hard last year to be a consistent runner. Needless to say, it is a challenge for me to run right now and most importantly, to motivate to even get to the gym. So imagine my surprise the other morning, when after a particularly bad work out, I got hit. That's right, hit with a slingshot!

There I was, lying on the mat, minding my own business while I did a post run stretch, when BAM, something landed on my stomach. I looked down and couldn't believe it! It was a stretch band. A man, halfway across the gym, was using the band to strengthen his legs when it let go and catapulted in my direction. Sure, those bands aren't heavy, but at the velocity it was traveling, and the snap of the material, it did not feel good.

Talk about adding insult to injury! It is like the running gods are working against me right now. I desperately want to heed their warning and stay away from the gym for a while, but somehow I think I won't. It's times like these when I understand why a work out partner is so important.

Josh, you have your work cut out for you. I have officially relinquished my gym motivation power to you. It is your turn to make sure we get up every morning to sweat to the oldies.

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