Monday, November 8, 2010

What A Weekend!

This weekend was the perfect storm of family, friends, and farm. In just over 30 hours we visited our family on the farm, had dinner with an old friend of mine, and met our local friends for a birthday celebration. I could not think of a better way to spend the weekend. It was the most wonderful whirlwind.

After work on Friday I ran home to meet Josh and we headed right up to Maine. Unfortunately, we hit a ton of traffic (of course, trying to leaving Boston on a Friday night) and it took us a lot longer to get up than we had anticipated. Although we felt badly about being so late, as always, we had a blast in the car. It had been a long week where we were both super busy. The time in the car allowed us to catch up, be goofy, sing, dance, and just enjoy one another's company.

Once we finally got up to the farm, we had the most wonderful shabbat dinner. Our cousins had made an amazing whole stuffed chicken, homegrown potatoes, squash, and Swiss chard with baked apples for dessert. They are fantastic chefs and everything tasted amazing. It was so flavorful and so delicious. And of course, it was all from their farm which just made the whole meal that much more wonderful. Since the night had a bit of a late start, after dinner and some grown up chat, we all went to bed.

In the morning Josh and I were in for a big surprise. We got to hang out with the girls and play with them in their environment. As much as we love seeing the kids at big family functions, it was great to see them at their house, doing what they loved. Together, all 6 of us went apple picking in our cousins' orchard. Josh and the grown-ups did most of the picking. The girls and I ran around, climbed trees, and explored. Once our baskets were full, we went on a walk through the woods to see some of the land, the 'fairy rocks' where fairies lived, and to the creek. It was the perfect fall day in Maine and we loved every second of it. 

The morning's activities wore us all out. We had the best chicken salad I have ever eaten for lunch and then the girls conked out at naptime. While the kids slept, the adults had some much needed time together. The girls chatted while the boys did whatever it is that boys do. It was the best way to end a great visit. Josh and I were sad to leave, but we made sure to make new plans for a visit soon.

On our way back to Boston, Josh and I talked a lot more about what our food values were and what we wanted to get out of what we put into our bodies. (stay tuned for more on that later). We also met up with an old friend of mine and her husband and son for dinner. Despite the fact that I talk to my friend almost every day, it was great to see her in person. Our lives are so intertwined that nights out are always a blast. After a quick dinner we went on to a birthday celebration for a dear friend. It was so great to see the whole gang, catch up, and kick off our friends' next year together.

By the time Sunday came along, Josh and I were exhausted! The whole weekend was filled with fun and tons and tons of friends, but we definitely needed a day to catch up. Josh went into work for a few hours and I blogged, did laundry, and tried to organize us for the upcoming nutty week that we have.

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  1. We loved having you up! We spent Sunday making applesauce with all the fruit we picked-we're saving a jar for you! xo