Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Overcoming Obstacles and Nasty Attitudes

Apparently admitting workout defeat is the best cure of my poor performances at the gym. Since I publicly declared that I had become a gym weenie, I have had a serious breakthrough. I am proud to say that over the last week I have been killing it at the gym!

I am running up a storm! Well, actually, I am keeping on pace with where I should be for someone who had been struggling at the gym for a while, but it is still exciting. I can successfully make it through a 20 min run without thinking I'm going to die and then speed walk for another 30 minutes. Not too bad for the girl who was getting sick after 2 minutes of running just last week. I have a long way to go to get back to where I was, but hey, it's a start, and I'll take it.

On top of starting to like running again, I have successfully made it through some killer spin classes and a zumba class directly after a run. Not too shabby. Just one week ago I never thought I would run again. Now, I am setting myself some serious running goals...and sticking to them! I have even made a workout schedule for Josh and I to follow in the month of December (to help us reach a very fun goal at the beginning of January, more on that later). I am one happy camper.

Of course it would be great if the gym gods could get on board with my new attitude and stop trying to knock me down.

Sunday morning Josh and I went to an early spin class. It was our first time in this class and the regulars were not so welcoming. A few asked us (with serious attitude) if we had signed up for the class, while others snickered at our cheery Sunday morning attitudes. Please folks; this was not our first rodeo! As if that wasn't awkward enough, halfway through the class, the instructor asked if anyone wanted the AC turned on. I mean come on, in a tiny spin room, if you are really working hard, you NEED the AC. Josh and I of course said 'YES' emphatically. A woman right in front of Josh turned around, gave me a death glare, and then put on a jacket.

Seriously? I'm the weird one for asking for the AC? Maybe if she had been pushing herself to the limit she would have been sweating too. These early morning regulars need to lighten up!

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