Monday, November 29, 2010

Spin Doctor

Wednesday night Josh and I met Andre, spin doctor to the stars.

No, not that kind of spin doctor. A spin doctor.

My relationship with Andre was much like that of one with a bad boyfriend. He walked in all cute with his big muscles and nice smile. He chatted with me about Boston College (we both got our Masters' Degrees there) and the impending Thanksgiving holiday. I totally had a spin crush. And then the class started.

Once Andre took the reins of the class it was all over. This man who I thought was so nice, literally beat me down to a pulp, and then stepped on me some more. I no longer had a crush on Andre. He was a mean spin instructor, the kind who took pleasure out of making you feel pain. He was taking me down a notch, and he was downright someone I never wanted to see again. I was definitely going to spin break up with him as soon as I got the chance. And then the class ended.

Not only did I survive Andre's killer spin class, I dominated. I kept up with him, I pushed myself harder than I ever had before, and I felt great in the end. Andre's approval came quickly after the class and I was feeling high and back to spin crushing on him. I will never miss another Andre spin class again! I sense a masochistic spin relationship in my future.

And yes, Josh was sitting next to me, dying during the class and loving every second of it. He too is sold on Andre as a spin instructor.

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